Battlefield 2042 will be multiplayer only

No campaign or battle royal as DICE focus on the multiplayer experience

The Battlefield series returns as DICE reveal Battlefield 2042 ‘a groundbreaking first-person shooter set to revolutionize the modern multiplayer sandbox.’

“In Battlefield 2042, the world is on the brink. Shortages of food, energy, and clean water have led to dozens of failed nations, creating the greatest refugee crisis in human history. Among these Non-Patriated, or No-Pats, are families, farmers, engineers – and even soldiers. Amidst this crisis, the United States and Russia draw the world into an all-out war. No-Pat Specialists join both sides, not fighting for a flag, but for the future of the Non-Patriated in this new world.”

Up to 128 players will be able to battle on PC and current-generation consoles with previous generations capped at 64.


Battlefield 2042 design director Daniel Berlin spoke to Eurogamer about how the foundation of multiplayer is changing with specialists being introduced.

“If you look back at previous games, we’ve had certain behaviours that we can read through data,” says Berlin. “Players chose their class based on the weapon of the class. With the introduction of the specialist we’re saying classes is more of a category – and underneath each category of recon, for example, there’s multiple specialists that share a gameplay style.

“So what you do now when you’re playing 2042, is that you choose a gameplay role. But you can pick whatever weapon you want there. So you can play a support role that is a specialist with ranged revives, ranged healing – so a really strong medic type of specialist. But you can still say I’m in a space right now where there’s a lot of vehicles. So I’m going to bring some C4 with this specialist, and I’m going to bring a rocket launcher. It’s about opening up the sandbox and just giving more choice to the player.”

Our Thoughts

This is a massive shift in the direction of Battlefield and I cannot wait for it, being able to run any class with any weapon throws out how Battlefield was previously played. The change will open up the level of access for new players and that is amazing news.

The Battlefield series is probably one of my favourite franchises in gaming media, the chaos you can get up to in-game is second to none and today’s announcement trailer really captures that.


Multiplayer details

The Gameplay Premiere has been announced for the June 13, Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.


As DICE are focusing on multiplayer as the core foundation of Battlefield 2042 I’m hoping we see some details about an esports program and a potential future for Battlefield esports.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

You can pre-purchase Battlefield 2042 on PC, XBOX and Playstation

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