EU HCS Open Qualifier #1 (results) – Halo Infinite

Did you miss out on last weekends Halo Infinite EU Open Qualifier? Do not worry, we have you covered!

An astonishing 93 teams signed up for the first official Halo Infinite tournament. We saw Halo 3 veterans competing against Halo 5 champions, retired Call of Duty Pros facing off against Rainbow Six: Siege pick up teams, everyone and anyone wanted to compete this weekend.

With so many players focused on preparing for their matches, we did not have many streams to watch but the Wonderboy himself Harry Channon had everyone covered with his community broadcast.


We saw HCS Partnerned Team, Navi (Jimbo, Kimbo, Respectful, Tufoxy) get knocked into the lower bracket and then out of the tournament by the unsigned French roster, OEX.

Lower backet finals

The team consisting of SLG, Fragxr, NVRIX, TCHIK won their third-round series against Navi 2-0 and again in the lower bracket finals, beating them 2-1. Despite the loss, Navi player Jimbo responded to comments saying:

Grand Finals

We had OEX this time facing against the reigning European, Halo 5 champions, Cartel (Shaady, Lqgend, r Sica) but this time Cartel has swapped out Jimbo and replaced him with his former Epsilon esports teammate, Snipedrone.

OEX was able to take a map from the reigning champions, but once again in a dominant fashion Cartel win their series, 3-1 and the first EU Open Qualifier.

Tournament placings

Community member MrTeaNCrumpets also tracked placements from this weeks action.

The Abramelin speaks

So why has no one picked up OEX or Cartel yet? it is criminal seeing such raw talent not get the backing and support they deserve. These rosters are the one’s to watch this split and organisations seriously need to take notice.

Hope we see even more teams signed up for the next EU HCS Open Qualifier!

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