Fnatic say goodbye to Cartel and HCS Raleigh

Updated 6 December 2021

European HCS champions Cartel have confirmed via Twitch stream they will remain unsigned going into HCS Raleigh. Talks with the HCS partnered organisation Fnatic are now on hold until after the event.

But via HCS Intel, Fnatic project manager Collin Johnson has confirmed that they will be fully focusing on other NA options.🤷‍♂️ 

The Abramelin speaks

With every organisation looking into Halo Infinite, this decision may have cost Fnatic a real shot at having a viable team going into HCS Raleigh and even the first 2022 split.

What do you think about the decision? Do you think they’ll find a roster that will give them results or was Cartel their best pick?

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Update 6 December 2021

Following this articles publication Cartel player Sica has provided this update.

“We weren’t on the same page for multiple reasons, the main one being we would like to be signed going into HCS Raleigh, while FNATIC would like to wait and explore their options.

“Which is fine, I totally respect that but we wanted to sign and call a team home.

“I am really curious about FNATIC’s project, it’s very unique and probably the first time I’ve seen an organisation try to build up a team from the ground up.

“I wish them nothing but luck in the future!”

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