With season 5 of the Halo: Master Chief Collection on the horizon 343Postums has revealed plans of flighting, bloggos, and armor toggles.

MCC January 2021 Update

Season 5 and Flighting

“Right now we are looking at Season 5 coming down the pipe and rolled out early this year. After that we are working towards flighting additional global features. Both are in the midst of development as we speak, and though we have internal dates we are working towards, we are not yet ready to share them with you.

“Once we have those locked in, y’all will be the… well.. probably not the first? I think we might share that with Bonnie and folks across the studio first, but we will shout them from the mountain top to y’all when we are good to go!”

Future Bloggos

“Last year, players asked for more video content in our blogs and new ways to ingest the content we are working on. Right now, I’m working on just that. If all goes well and it’s signed off on, players can look forward to a fun new way to learn more about some of our development work and specifically a look at what’s in Season 5. Like most things in production, this piece is subject to change, but it’s looking pretty great right now. I can’t wait to share!”

Armor Toggle

“We received the question last year about the new armors coming to Season 5 and whether there will be a toggle added in. While we definitely heard you, at this time I do not have an update. Our team just got back in office and our partners are still investigating. Once this information is at hand and we have a decisive plan going forward, we will be sure to share it with you.”

Abramelin says: We are looking forward to seeing what video content comes from the team. Hopefully, this will open the communities mind to how 343 are working on supporting MCC throughout 2021. It would also be interesting to see how the whole of 343 is working especially in today’s working from home climate.